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The gym is run by Komainu Apparel founders Jerel Hallert (Black Belt under Charles Gracie) and Byron Cragg (Brown Belt). Jerel and Byron wanted to bring a unique grappling experience to the area where gym or club affiliation and martial arts styles did not matter.

The Komainu Gym’s goal is to provide an environment where people can learn the grappling arts in a no stress, judgement free location at an affordable price. High level instructors from multiple martial arts styles and backgrounds often drop into class to teach weekly classes, so you never know who will show up to a class as a guest instructor.

Both traditional gi and no gi grappling are taught and multiple styles are blended for the ultimate grappling experience. With unlimited classes starting at $60 a month, Komainu Gym wants to be affordable enough for students to maintain there other gym affiliations but still give them the ability to supplement their training with other instruction regardless of their martial arts background.

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Located at 1351 Corporate Blvd Reno NV. 775 544 3075. Inside of FAST NV. Get directions.